01 Boogie With Me Baby / Debbie Peters
02 Disco Circus / Martin Circus
03 Have a Good Time / Roland Clark presents Urban Soul
04 Bathanga Vibes feat. Migrant Souls (Can 7 part 1 Mix) / Raw Artistc Soul
05 Eu Vou Levar (CM Laaaalalala Mix) / Claude Monnet pres. Monica Nogueira
06 Hot Buttered (Groovin' Drum Mix) / Melchyor A
07 Diamonds & Comforts (Double Beat Remix) / The Dining Rooms
08 Pylon (Idjuit Boys Remix) / DJ Mochi feat. Petez
09 I Won't Let You Go (Sax Club Mix) / Anthony Romeno
10 BongCong Combination / Ronnie Parker
11 Sayaji (Dance Trance Version by Joe Claussell) / Ustad Sultan Khan
12 Like a Dream to Me (Big Sexy's Main Room Remix) / Kevin Yost
13 If I Had A Dream (Nicks Dnh Mix) vs Bad / Motivacao feat. Christie Nelson vs.
Michael Jackson
14 Blackness of the Sea (Deepchild Remix) / Deepchild
15 Tech This Out vs Fired Up / Karizma vs. Funky Green Dogs
16 Satisfied Tool / James Brown vs. Scott K
17 Blackman in Space (Sax Mix) / Son Of Raw
18 The Dark Joint / Soulsystem